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“... between what's real

and what's imagined.”

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Welcome, friends!

            Training the Mind: A Course for Kids of All Ages is an online course designed to give kids of all ages, children, teens, and adults, the knowledge and tools we need so that we are able to fish for the life we dream about living. It provides daily instruction and guidance in how to come into harmony with our immensely varied and often unbridled thoughts and feelings by understanding the connection between our thoughts and the most basic way that life works. 

            The first section of the course is free, 3 months long, and entitled The First Two Tools and the Development of Willpower. By focusing on growing a strong willpower which is so necessary for transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs, personal growth and self-esteem can blossom in unimaginable ways.

            The key to the course lies in its repetition. In order to rewire past automatic impressions and negative reactions, we must replace them with consistently beneficial input and limit the old. When retraining the subconscious mind, daily interaction is essential, and engaging briefly with even just one paragraph brings immense benefits. The Q & A Member Forum Page gives you real-time access to asking and getting answers to questions, posting comments, and sharing insights with others.  Any family member can share a student’s lessons. In fact, one of the greatest contributions to a child’s success is to listen and practice the tools right along with them. 

            How it worksEach month we read or listen to two lessons in the form of PDF and audio files. Most people choose to sequentially listen to or read the first lesson for two weeks, and then switch to the next one for the remainder of the month. However one chooses to interact with the two lessons, the MOST important element of the course is for you to refer to any part or all of a lesson every single day.

             It is unequivocal—we must extricate ourselves from the knots of our hardwired past for lasting happiness to be possible. In order to have the life of our dreams, we need to retrain the mind. Our subconscious holds past patterns like seeds. According to brain science, as well as millennia of yoga, these impressions rewire only through consistent, daily repetition.

            Over the years, especially between ages 1-5, we unknowingly carved deep neural pathways in our brains, and we return to them unconsciously and automatically mistaking them for 'who we are.' We can experience our hardwired thoughts and feelings like being trapped in a loop, and can think, “This is how life really is and always will be.” Through repetition, we gradually rewire our past hardwired patterns of negative thoughts and feelings, freeing up our perceptions and experience of day-to-day life to more accurately reflect what is actually happening.    

"It can be a life-changing moment when we really get this: ​Change what you think about someone or something in any present moment, and you are changing your actual experience of what is happening.​ This is because our feelings are not caused by others."

Lesson 4 - Training the Mind: A Course for Kids of All Ages

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