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Barron Steffen

Since taking the workshop, I feel more mindful of my thoughts because I have learned my 5 tools. I can listen to my thoughts and change them or replace them with good thoughts.  

- Colette, 10 years old

Since taking the workshop, I feel happier and more light-hearted because I feel free of unwanted thoughts, and I can watch my thoughts whenever I want to. - Gabi, 11 years old

Since the workshop, I feel that I won't be hurt as much because I've learned to delete unwanted thoughts. - Alejandro, 9 years old​

Since taking the workshop, I feel more open to taking risks because the instructor told me that if you don't answer correctly, you are learning more than others. - Student, 11 years old

Community and Professional Life

Failure is simply not an option for students in Barron's classroom. He embodies a Growth Mindset and constructs a "platform" and "scaffold" that meets the learning and emotional needs of every student, and I mean EVERY student. I easily place him in the top 5% of educators I have known in my 35 year career. - Superintendent

Most distinctively, Barron integrates a Growth Mindset into everything he does, creating a caring, collaborative environment to bring out the best in each student. After leaving his classroom, students often return to share how his commitment and belief in them has changed their trajectory and enabled them to see possibilities they hadn't considered before. - Principal

Barron is a passionate, committed, and highly effective teacher who deeply touches and transforms the lives of his students. Extremely thoughtful and intentional, I have been repeatedly BLOWN AWAY by his students' ability to not only apply a Growth Mindset to their academic learning, but also to other challenges both inside and outside of the school setting. - School Counselor

  • An 18-year veteran elementary classroom teacher 

  • Masters Degree in Education K-6 and ESL Endorsement K-12

  • Three consecutive years of "Distinguished" ratings on Marzano Teacher Evaluations 2015-2018

  • Makai Magazine’s 2005 award-winning "Recess for Teachers” Teacher of the Year for Hawaii Public Elementary Schools​

  • On the teaching team that earned their school Colorado’s Commissioner of Education “Getting Results” Award (2011) for significant and measurable improvement in student achievement.

Community & Professiona Life
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