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The Yoga of Mindset

Resilient Minds & Lifelong Emotional Intelligence 

About Having the Life of Our Dreams
About having the Life of Our Drems

Listening to Learn

            When I was an elementary school teacher, almost every day a student would ask me to help him “fix” a problem with another child. Of course, by fixing the argument for him, that child never learned how to fix it for himself. And naturally, this meant that it was going to happen again, just like if we go fishing and I take the pole from you, you will never learn how to fish.

             This remains true into adulthood, and so we pass it on. No one is teaching us how to use our thoughts, and our thoughts keep using us. The Yoga of Mindset website and free lessons exist in order to support us with the knowledge and tools we need so that we are able to fish for the life we dream about living no matter what our age. 

The Mindset of Yoga

            Though yoga may best be known in the West for twisting bodies, for centuries the heart of yoga has been the scientific study of the human mind. Mindset, neuroplasticity, hardwired neuronal paths, these are the sounds of brain science catching up to millennia of settled knowledge and naming things anew. 
            As a monk once told me, “Life takes courage.” Of course, one doesn’t have to be a monk to recognize this. It likely resonates for anyone navigating to this website. Yet, this especially rings true for children in today’s culture where being a child can be a daily, daunting, brilliant act of courage. 
            The human mind is the most powerful tool in existence, and as children our minds began as the most beautiful, receptive tabula rasa ever created. How strange that during our most  formative years, we are never once given direct, sustained instruction on how thoughts create our perceptions and experience every moment of every day. Yet, it is never too late learn. In fact, our experience of the very next moment depends on it.

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