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Mindsets Workshop

Session 6 Excerpt 

I Am My Own Sculpture - Part 2

I am my own sculpture.png

Session 6 brings together many of the themes we have been learning about since the start of the workshop. In this session, we used a case-study of an Olympic wrestler, Helen Maroulis, to learn about the potential impact of using our 'thought tools' on a regular basis. Developing our awareness of the causal relationship between what we are thinking in each moment and what we are experiencing is a core concept of a Growing-Mindsets workshop. 

"I am my own sculpture" is one of the lenses we use in class to understand how it is possible that we use our thoughts to both create a life we want, as well as a life we don't want, when we don't understand the most basic way that life works. Neuroplasticity teaches us a similar idea; neurons that fire together, hardwire together.

The most basic way that life works.png
Free will.png

Yet many people know about creative thought already, but are still unhappy. So, where does the power to sculpt the life we want, and not the life we don’t want, come from? We use our free will. This power to think what we choose is what makes each of us unique. No one can force us what to think about someone or something. It is one area we all have complete autonomy. 

When using our free will is intentionally practiced every day, it grows like a muscle. We then gain the power to sculpt ourselves, learning we have an innate power to create our lives as we choose. Interestingly, we also realize that outer events have lost much of their power to determine our thoughts and 

feelings. As our daily choral reading of Rolling Thunder reminds us,"We can think what we choose."

The creative process.png
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