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Mindsets Workshop

Session 5 Excerpt 

I Am My Own Sculpture

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Excerpt from Session #5

Alejandro: (Reading the target) "I can explain how I am not my grades." It's because the test is just a snapshot of what you could do in that moment. It's not who you are. You can still do better.

Tamar: (Reading the target) "Tool 4: I can choose not to believe a thought, whenever I want."

Me: Why does this matter? How can not believing a thought help you?

Tamar: It helps because then the thoughts don't stick to you.

Me: Yes, excellent. Since we always believe all our thoughts, at least until the next thought, one BIG problem with that is we can occasionally think some pretty negative things about others or ourselves. And somewhere inside us, if only for a little while, we think that we might be the kind of person who has that kind of thought. Otherwise, where did it come from? And it builds up inside. To help us not identify as the thinker of those kinds of thoughts, we can make the choice not to believe them. 

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