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The Creative Power of Thought

How to Use Your Thoughts and Feelings

So They Don’t Use You

A Whole-Mind Approach - In a Training the Mind Workshop, we become aware of how our own thoughts are responsible for creating our perception and experience moment-to-moment, and then we're taught to use our power of free will to accept or reject any thought at any time. When we don't understand the most basic way that life works, we use our thoughts to both create a life we want, as well as a life we don't want.


Using direct instruction, situational play, and a participatory, actively-engaged approach developed across 18 years in the classroom, we unpack the tools we need to retrain our mind.

A Training the Mindset Workshop teaches us how our brains are designed to hardwire our most habitual thoughts, and then helps us practice those tools that are necessary to live harmoniously among our thoughts in an ever-more complex world. Once you know the rules and work to use them in your favor, life becomes a wonderful, light-hearted game. The life of our dreams is actually so close. 


• Brain Science and Neuroplasticity: Neurons that fire together, wire together

• Training Your Mind - Use your thoughts, or be used by them

• Fear of Failure: The Voice in the Head

• Mindset Situational Improv

• Mindfulness and Meditation: Learning to Enter Your Own Space

• Addiction to Tech: Growing the Muscle of Willpower

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